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Constipation in pregnancy

Why does it happen?

Pregnancy hormones : those cause your bowels to slow down. Which is great for the nutrients absorption but causes us to be backed up.

Expanding uterus - with baby growing everyhting else gets shifted and same goes for the bowels.

What can we do to prevent or ease the discomfort?

Eat enough fiber. Ideally you want to consume around 30 grams each day. This can be in a form of fresh fruit or veg, whole grain cereals or dried fruits.

Avoid refined grains like white bread, white rice, some cereals.

Drinking enough liquids such as water, fruit / veg juices, broth, and my favourite coconut water.

We all know of the magical effects of prune juice, which has been used as a natural laxative through generations.

Supplements and medications can worsen constipation - like iron, prenatal vitamins or antacids. Adjusting dosage or discussing taking magnesium supplements to help dealing with the issue.

Probiotics. We hear a lot about them to be super important before , during and after pregnancy. Not just for us mums but also for our babies and their developing digestion.

Exercise helps to turn on metabolism and with that everything inside turns on. Regular exercise will help you go regularly.

Little sidenote: It is improtant to incorporate these little changes into our everyday life. And here’s why. One day, when we are no longer pregnant. We have just given birth. The first bowel movement will feel worse than a childbirth. There is a huge number of women postpartum who can’t go and eventually need to go back to the hospital for enema.

Little sidenote 2: Sugarfree gummy bears. Trust me. You want to know this trick. If you don't believe me follow amazon reviews here

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