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What Clients Say

"Kornelia was excellent with the

baby. She established a routine quite quickly, 

creating a relaxed atmosphere in the

home. Her confidence in handling any issue came 

across very well  (be it handling

illnesses, rashes, administrating medicines, vitamins,

 circumcision attendance and

post circumcision care, digestive challenges, 

vomiting, as well as feeding and

breastfeeding challenges, making sure I got my rest 

and didn’t over exert myself, etc), enabling a 

comforting environment of control and calmness for both my baby and myself. Kornelia was very 

professional and polite in her overall conduct within

our home, friendly yet kept appropriate boundaries.

 She also respected my, my

husband’s and my parent’s privacy and need for 

quality time with the baby, while

maintaining the baby’s need for predictability and 

routine. She also helped my two

daughters (5 and 3) assimilate to life with their new

 brother; she was patient with them, letting them be involved in his care when possible, and teaching 

them how to be gentle.''

A.K. London

"Kornelia has a very positive attitude,

always offered advice when I asked about different ways and approaches not only for my baby son but also for my daughter. She managed the baby’s washing, kept me updated on development and milestones, she also advised us on bouncy chairs, slings, formula, and much more.

My baby was suffering from acid reflux and he was very colicky and gassy. Kornelia calmly explained how to deal with these problems, gently guided us and made my baby feel better, eat with ease and thanks to these techniques he also slept better. The first couple weeks his colic was quite bad and he didn’t sleep much, nonetheless Kornelia was upbeat and friendly.

Now at 13 weeks she managed to get him to sleep through the night from 8pm to 7am soundly.


During her time with us we had several nannies for a long term position on a trial and Kornelia did an excellent job helping me supervising them and explaining both of the children’s routines and needs.
Kornelia works with the family as much as with the baby and she tries to create a routine that will work best for you all.

Kornelia traveled with us numerous times during this period and managed the packing of the baby`s stuff but also made sure that he baby`s routine was kept in place. She adapted to new surroundings easily no matter how different they were. She is a pleasure to have around, but gives you and your family enough privacy in the same time."

N.S. Austria

Maternity nurse Zurich

"I was exhausted from the night care of a newborn and the demands of two other children. I initially only booked her for a few nights as I wasn’t sure how much help it was going to be to me as I am breastfeeding, but I found her help immeasurably useful. She would bring my son to me to breastfeed and then whisk him away to be winded and settled back to sleep. He started going longer stretches at night in her care and by the time she left us he was naturally doing a 5-6 hour stretch at 6 weeks. It also meant that I could ‘turn off’ my mind from listening out for him at night, knowing he was in excellent care. Better quality of sleep for me had an incredible impact on my mood and outlook during the day."

A.W. London

"We were looking for a nurse who had experience in sleep training. Our initial objective was to help our baby to sleep through the night so that I could gradually resume my professional activities. It was clear that Kornelia had extensive experience in this which benefited my baby greatly. Our child started to sleep through the night after just six weeks which was well beyond our expectations.

I feel that she has actually guided me in my first months as a new mum. I felt much in control as a result and my baby is now settled into a happy routine. I am grateful for her extensive knowledge and experience.

My baby has always been very relaxed and calm with her.She has a methodical way of determining what routine suits the baby best. I believe my baby girl has had the best start in life thanks to Kornelia.

Kornelia standards are excellent. Finally, Kornelia is discreet and easy to live with."

A.B London

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