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maternity nurse vienna


Welcome to my site. 

My name is Kornelia and I am a UK-trained postnatal carer, also known as a maternity nurse or newborn care specialist. I specialise in supporting new parents and caring for babies during the first months of postpartum.

My Story

My journey began almost 20 years ago when I stepped into childcare. I earned my qualifications in postnatal care, care of multiples, developmental psychology, child psychology, nutrition, and many others; While my experience build up my confidence in caring for babies from various cultural, religious, and health backgrounds with a wide variety of unique requirements.


As a maternity nurse, I am highly trained, but training and education only cover the general basics. Being open to taking on roles other more seasoned specialists were hesitant about, made me a calm and very skilled professional.

I had the privilege to support parents with special needs newborns requiring oxygen monitoring, changing catheters, physical therapy, GI tube feeding, seizure monitoring, etc I was trained by other professionals specific to each baby and their needs. 

I also have loads of experience with typical issues like reflux / silent reflux, allergies, circumcision aftercare, colic, and jaundice. 


The most enjoyable part of my job is to see how my presence transforms new parents. Building up their confidence in newborn care. Helping them adjust to parenthood. Including siblings in everyday life with a baby. Eventually leaving them well equipped to tackle the next chapters of their lives as a growing family.


I love every aspect of my job. Caring and supporting. Educating and empowering. My superpowers are understanding non-verbal communication and the behavior of babies combined with empathy and a naturally warm personality.

I feel so fortunate to do what I truly love.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I am looking forward to working with you!

Kornelia xoxo


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