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In-home 24hr or night support

As a Maternity nurse, I support new parents and their babies after they come home from the hospital. I work between 8-12hrs per night and /or 24hr days with a 4h break. 

Part of my role as a maternity nurse is to support moms who breastfeed. Mainly it is to bring the baby for the feeds and assist with latching and positioning. Educating on burping techniques and working out fast which works best for their baby.


Teaching safe swaddling and soothing. I assist with the first baths and overall building up the new parent's confidence.
My role doesn’t end there though. Throughout the night I monitor my sleep and make extensive notes.

Massive part of the job is to reassure the parents that’s what’s happening is normal and ok and also explain why is what happening. Be it grunting sleep, straining when passing bowel, posseting milk, etc.

That’s just a small part of where I see the worth and value of postnatal carers.

After years of being in a profession, I can easily spot the first signs of reflux / silent reflux in babies. If the baby has an issue with passing gas/bowel I can do a baby massage to ease the discomfort.


I also support parents while caring for a baby that is sick - mild childhood sicknesses like cold, flue, etc., or having/born with special needs - like monitoring oxygen, changing urinary catheters, physiotherapy, administering seizure medications, GI tube feeding, etc. as I supported families who needed this kind of support in the past.

If the new mom decides to bottle feed I make sure I have all equipment prepared for the night and I do the feeding, changing, burping, and settling during the night hours. This way new parents can have some uninterrupted sleep. 

When working 24hr shifts I also care for the baby during the day when I set up a flexible routine to fit into the family's lifestyle, while encouraging the baby's natural sleep-awake patterns.

Infant Sleep Coaching

I work with parents to solve their child’s sleep issues in the nicest possible way.

This means educating on the possibilities and healthy sleep habits, sleep hygiene, good sleep environment, development, etc.


I am a big believer in positive associations. I generally don’t advise infant sleep coaching before the age of 6 months but every case is unique and I always look at them as such.
I can offer Sleep coaching in person and remotely.

When I take on a client with a baby/child with a sleep issue I explain how I work. I request extensive notes on everyday routine, generally last 48hrs in depth along with a questionnaire that includes questions from the moment baby was born.

All questions on the questionnaire are important and I need them answered a day before we set-up the remote consultation. During the consultation we discuss the past and how it effected babys' sleep. Whats going on in the present. What I see from the notes that can be adjusted. What to expect and how to achieve the desired outcome.

Some sleep issues are easier to fix and some require more time. I make sure I always explain to the parents that there is no guarantee when it comes to changing baby's behaviour but when advice and the personalised plan is followed consistently they will see improvement.

As part of my general sleep package - I send over notes from our consultation chat within 48hrs and I am available online to answer any questions they may have and are urgent. I also do 2 follow-up calls lasting 30 mins. During these catch-up calls we discuss their progress so far.

I leave parents well equipped with information and confident to carry on on their own.
I also offer further online support if they feel they need it.


First-time parents naturally have questions in regards to preparation for the baby and the first few days at home. It is hard to say what will happen as we can’t see into the future but we can prepare. I give them tips on how to make the transition a bit smoother.

After initial contact I let them choose topics if they don’t already have a list of questions. We set a day/time for an hour call.
Requesting another consultation as there is more to discuss is not unheard of either and I am always happy to share my knowledge.

The outcome of these preparation consultations is that parents feel more confident and ready for those first “parenting” choices and decisions. They feel ready to step into parenthood with confidence.

The second most common is newborn sleep and routines. I am a huge routine believer. I have seen children thrive when the right routine was put in place. Stimulating them physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

I help parents to see what routine would work for their baby.

We create it together.
What kind of activities they should be doing. How to encourage quality wake windows and implement baby-led settling rituals.

Teaching positive associations which can be utilized even years after the baby stage.
All are specific to their baby, family, and circumstances.

Last but not least important are all the other topics ranging from child development and milestones, fathers role, professional help/care providers on the market, sibling jealousy management, routine building for parents and their needs/roles (parents as a united duo, romantic partners, individuals, family as a group, etc.), discussing parenting methods, care for special needs babies, emotional support, breastfeeding, moving home with baby, moving baby into their own room, teething, weaning, and so much more.

After the in-depth conversation with parents, I leave them with easy-to-follow instructions on how to address the specific issue. Armed with ideas and a clear vision of what to expect, they feel more confident in their parenting abilities.

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