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Kornelia Horgosi

Private maternity and newborn care


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Hello parents and parents-to-be!

I have embarked on this journey 18 years ago. In England I studied childcare, postnatal care, care of multiples and further I stepped into nutrition holding a certificate as a diet specialist, cognitive behavioral therapy, baby massage, breastfeeding support and coaching. 

I am one of those people who absolutely LOVE what they do for living.

I am a newborn care specialist also known as a private maternity nurse or baby nanny in some parts of the world. So what do I do? I support pregnant women and new mothers. I am a mother myself to a little girl so I can relate from first hand experience.


I had a pleasure to work with families from all around the world before I became a mum after which I cut down on extensive travel. 

I learned about different cultures and their ways of newborn care. With tons of experience I am equipped to provide the best of care a new mum and baby may need.


My experience include working with multiples, babies with special needs, babies with reflux and allergies, rainbow babies, moms with postnatal depression, breastfeeding and formula feeding, circumcised baby boys, families with very busy lives with extensive travel and a whole lot more. 

It is always a privilege to be part of these magical and  tiring first few weeks.

If you are interest in knowing more about my experience or to discuss how I could best support you please contact me.


Night Support
June 2022

Helping new parents with transition into parenthood. Helping with breastfeeding. Booking for few nights in one go and few nights over the period of first few weeks to give respite and good nights rest. Fantastic for indentifying any issues like reflux, GERD, trapped wind, etc. Offering advise on how to ease babies discomfort while naturally developing.

Night Support
June - July 2022

In-home night support with new parents and their baby. Setting up healthy sleeping habits. Bottle feeding support and baby's preference. Making sure parents got good rest at night. Advising on age appropriate schedule, healthy milk intake and building confidence.

Welcome Home Package
May 2021

Round-the-clock support for first time single mum. Breastfeeding support the first 2 weeks of baby's life. Advising on baby development, time management, educating on routines while setting up healthy habits throughout the day and night. 


What clients say ...

Marble Surface

Day Support Client

— J.S. from London, UK

"She made the early days with my newborn so much more enjoyable and it also meant I could spend quality time with my toddler, which was a lifesaver"

Marble Surface

Welcome Home Package Client

— T.S. from London, UK

"What set Kornelia apart from the rest was her vast knowledge and experience with premature babies. She is far more educated on childcare than most midwives I have encountered."


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