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Private Maternity and Newborn Care


Guiding hands by your side day and night.

The best support you can ask for on your journey into parenthood.

Years of experience and education mixed with the right postnatal carer will bring you peace of mind, better sleep for you and your baby, a higher chance of successful breastfeeding, less chance of depression, predictable routines, and much more.

"Every pregnant woman and new mother wants to be the best parent for their baby. They want to enjoy this new role, a new chapter in their lives. 

And that’s exactly what I as a postnatal carer aim to bring into their everyday life. The joy. The education. The support. The confidence... make those early moments magical." 

maternity night nurse vienna

I count myself super privileged. My previous clients entrusted me with their babies which made me learn so much. It made me who I am now.
I worked as a full time maternity nurse (24hr) covering 5-6 days a week in United Kingdom, Europe mainland, Emirates, America. I worked for families living in different countries, with different cultures and religions, families that came to give birth and spend their postpartum months in the UK / EU. Most of my clients were very down-to-earth people. As my profession is still viewed as a luxury service most of them were high-profile clients... 


In-home supportwhere I join you during the first days/weeks/months of your baby's life. I can be booked for 24hr maternity support or as a night nurse.

Infant Sleep Coaching, a remote consultation package with a personalised plan which I build with parents based on current sleep issues.

Consultations, expecting and new parents have lots of questions about the postpartum period. I offer personalised consultations covering wide range of topics.


newborn care specialist zurich
maternity nurse austria

"What I loved most about Kornelia is that she has fantastic advice, genuinely loves taking care of babies and can help new parents navigate all the unknowns. She was the only person I trusted 100% with our baby." S.P.


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